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Cleveland Exhaust can offer a towing solution for pretty much any passenger car & light truck.

Towbar Options
Light towbars -
Depending on vehicle can sometime be rated up to 1600kg / 160kg. Unlike the heavy towbars the tongue is usually held on by two bolts from underneath. In some applications this style of bar is not visible once the tongue is removed.


Heavy towbar -
Features a 50mm x 50mm box TBM (hitch). This style of bar can have ratings as high as 3500kg/350kg (vehicle depending). This is the choice for towing caravans, horse floats, car and large tradesman style trailers. This system can be used with a range of weight distribution and anti sway systems.


Socket Options we use only quality sockets.
7 Pin Flat, probably the most common fitted on new towbar installations. Compact and robust, Standard bar includes basic 5 wire connection.
7 Pin Round, Standard bar includes basic 5 wire connection.
12 Pin Flat. 7 lower pins as found in the 7 pin sockets but has an additional 5 upper pins that can be used for high current devices, fridges, battery charging systems, winches etc.

  • Towing Systems
    Hayman Reese RL bar on 07 Aurion Sportivo
  • Towing Systems
    Class 3 bar on Hyundai IX35
  • Towing Systems
    Kia Sportage
  • Towing Systems
    Class 4 hitch on X6 BMW
Item on Special
Pro Series 600lb weight distribution hitch set
Pro Series™ RB2 Wt. Dist. Kit w/#63970 Shank, 10,000 lbs. (GTW), 600 lbs. (TW)

This Month $495.00!

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